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Student Blog

Before I started the Master of Communication program with Purdue I thought a lot about what the challenges of returning to school might be.

Like many adults today the decision to return to school revolved around the issue of time. I had to ask myself if I would be able to make the time available in my already busy schedule to go back to college.

Like a lot of small business owners, I am good at what I do, but I struggle with the business side of things.

I would be lying if I said going back to school is easy. It’s hard because it’s easier than what you think.

You’ve probably heard the saying: you don’t know what you can do until you try. It’s true. I try to teach that to my children, I use it to prompt my coworkers, I say it to encourage my friends, and then one day, I listened to myself.

In the fall of 2014, I was becoming a little stagnant with my life routine. Upon noticing this, I decided it was time to look for a change.

Faculty Blog

Back in the 90s, before Alabama regained control of college football, the Nebraska Cornhuskers dominated the game with a balance of defensive speed and a vaunted rushing attack.

I appreciate scientific research. I really do. I’m just not a slave to it.

As a longtime intuitive type with a strong bias toward action, I often favor “gut feel.” Does that mean that I ignore the value of data-driven collection of insights or that I’m too impatient to wait for in-depth surveys to yield results? Not necessarily.

If you’re like most people, you probably give a lot of thought to your communication career and where it’s going – and actually that’s a very smart strategy.

The practice of professional communication has become highly complex, not only because of technology, social media, and the need to connect with global audiences, but also because “communication” means different things to different audiences.