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I’ll confess that I was a somewhat of a heretic at the height of the “servant leadership” era. Not because I disputed Robert Greenleaf’s view that the greatest value to an organization comes from a servant leader who “shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.”

Chances are that most, if not all, Lamb School students have decided that a masters in strategic communications will enhance their career prospects. But how will it help? My answer is a rock-solid, unequivocal “it depends.”

“You cannot not communicate.” When my professor said this during a masters-level communication course, I first got hung up on the improper grammar usage with an obvious double negative.

“I Want It All … and I Want It Now!” Many of us recognize the subtitle of this post as a famous Queen refrain. No, it’s not karaoke time, though now we will have Freddie Mercury’s voice in our heads for the next hour – sorry!

Crises are a reality in today’s world and they must be anticipated. And, while some crises can certainly be horrific, every crisis can be managed. From a Public Relations (PR) perspective, I define “crisis” as “any event or circumstance that negatively impacts an organization’s or individual’s reputation, credibility, or brand.”

When I was younger, I didn’t like guacamole. I could never get to the taste because I was turned off by the color and texture. As I grew older, my wife convinced me to look past my prejudice for the green, pasty mixture and try it. Turns out; I like guacamole. And it actually has some health benefits, too.

What does “brand” mean to you? I’ve asked the question many times at the start of workshops for business owners and managers.