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Full time staff at a university, director of an a cappella education non-profit, musician, band manager, blogger, concert photographer, and full time communications graduate student? Not to bore you with my LinkedIn profile, but yes, I am still able do all of these things and manage to incorporate my coursework into my busy schedule!

The thought of going back to school to earn a communication graduate degree let loose in my mind a flurry of questions and concerns. One question I kept asking myself was how would I ever find the time.

On the surface, online graduate school might seem to be just like any other type of learning. After all, online courses still just courses, right?

Well, not exactly.

While I can certainly describe typical experiences in an online learning environment, there is actually nothing typical about it. Online learning opens a powerful world of promise and unlimited opportunities for those who commit themselves to it.

One of the most important and encouraging parts of an online communication graduate program is hearing from your peers/classmates. As an online graduate student each week we are expected to post and respond to discussion boards. These allow for us to see how other classmates interpreted the articles into the question format and respond with constructive criticism, an agreement, or a conflicting statement.

My life as "Jeopardy!" question: Obsessive Type A personality with an impressive inability to say no...

Answer: Who is Kevin Clapp?

If only there were a fabulous cash prize for answering that one.

When I was younger, my mom always called me a “Jack of all trades.” She always saw me as a loving and caring son who was also a good athlete and a strong student. What more could she ask for, right? For me, this “Jack of all trades” continued throughout my adult life and my communications career.

Marriage. Parenting. Working full time outside the home. Embracing (or juggling!) these duties simultaneously on any given day can require extraordinary courage. So what happens when a wife/mom/employee or husband/dad/employee wants to pursue a master’s degree in communications?

It’s easy to procrastinate when you’re pursing an online graduate degree in communications. Sure, you have deadlines, but you are not required to be in class at a particular time or day each week.

As a non-traditional student, I’m often asked about my graduate school experience by friends and co-workers contemplating a Master’s degree. When I reflect on the many questions that I’ve faced, one sticks out – “Is there adequate interaction between students and faculty in online courses?”