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Student Blog

I chose Purdue for many reasons including: - Ranked among top universities - Leader in the world of academia - Elite faculty and professors - Affordable (even for out- of-state).

As an undergrad I never faltered from my choice to major in communication with an emphasis in public relations. Now, as a communication professional and student in a communication graduate program, I can’t think of any other career path I would have wanted to pursue.

I’ve always been very academically driven, and have always been excited about school since day one. I revel in reading a new book, enjoy completing writing assignments and love learning about all the topics under the sun (except those related to math).

Spending money on textbooks is inevitable. The format you choose them in, is a decision you can make depending on your preference. Some may choose traditional paper or hard copy text.

The most challenging situation I faced as a student in the Online Master of Science in Communication program at Purdue University was one in which I put a member of the military through a boot camp of sorts.

Studying to obtain my Communication Master’s degree while also working full-time requires diligence and dedication. Most importantly, however, it takes strong time management skills to ensure my coursework, professional career, and personal life do not suffer.

This role of a communication professional has moved from a tactical doer and executor to a strategic partner today in an organization’s growth. Communication professionals need to be advisors to the senior most decision-makers and act as an ethical conscience for the organization, and a strategic advisor.

In college, you expect to work and make connections with people from all walks of life. That veritable melting pot of experience and backgrounds can most certainly open your eyes and mind.

You never know how one person you meet could impact your life.

A graduate program in communication usually conjures up job titles and descriptions of jobs involving mass media and/or public relations. Marketing Director or Public Relations Manager might be a typical job title for someone enrolled in the Brian Lamb School of Communication graduate program.