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Self-Care for Graduate Students

Your graduate Communication program is designed to provide an enjoyable, stimulating, and richly rewarding experience. With that said, earning a high-quality degree requires a significant investment of time and effort. Added to a student’s family obligations and professional career, graduate studies can create stress and “un-wellness” if not properly managed.

Self-care is absolutely essential for graduate school success. The ability to listen to – and heed – the body’s signals can help prevent small stressors from becoming significant wellness concerns.

Time Management for Graduate Communication Students

One of the most common concerns I hear from students is lack of time. I often get several requests each week from students who need extra time to complete their discussion posts and assignments. However, the high standards of a Purdue graduate program don’t typically permit late submissions, which means students must take proper steps to maximize and manage their time.

With that in mind, here are some tips and recommendations that I hope are beneficial for you:

The Best Communication Habits of Top Leaders

Expectations of today’s leaders are perhaps higher than ever. Not only must leaders continually innovate to maintain a competitive edge, they must also navigate the tumultuous political environment, stay ahead of the technology curve, and effectively motivate and engage their various stakeholder audiences. Without superior communication skills, leaders will be hard-pressed to meet these exceptionally high expectations.

Lessons from the Trenches, Part II: Why Your Personal Brand Is So Important

Strategic communicators spend a great deal of time developing, polishing, and communicating their clients’ brands. From focus group facilitation and media relations to message development and social media tracking, strategic communicators play a pivotal role in an organization’s public perception and overall success. 

The problem is, many professional communicators do not have a strong personal brand that effectively communicates their own mission, vision, values, strengths, talents, and differentiators.

The Philosophy of Effective Online Teaching

I recall, when I was in college, that my favorite classes were always those taught by professors who were approachable and easy to get to know.  In today’s online learning environment, it can be challenging to develop meaningful relationships; email communication and online discussions are efficient, but they don’t afford the same opportunities as traditional classrooms where all participants can enjoy the benefit of face-to-face interaction.


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