Eileen Perez

Eileen Perez headshot

Eileen is a Miami native who lives for creativity and is a sucker for good commercials. Since earning her undergraduate degree from Florida State University in 2011, she has immersed herself in paid social media, and has developed the creative social media strategies for many accounts, ranging from indie films to former film and TV stars. Some of her favorite or proudest moments include running a live YouTube AMA for Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll and Bill Courtney. She is currently a member of the social media team at an advertising agency in Boston, where she develops paid and earned social media strategies for her clients in the automotive industry while working on completing her BS in Communications online at Purdue University. Outside of work, Eileen considers herself to be a "NASA nerd" and was awarded social media credentials to attend a SpaceX/NASA launch at Cape Canaveral in Florida, where she witnessed the Dragon Capsule/Falcon 9 launch for CRS6 in April of 2015.