Ryan Melvin is a recent graduate of the Purdue Online MBA program, specializing in leadership and change management. He is currently a plant manager at Stephen Gould in Indianapolis. Melvin has a robust work history, which includes experience in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry, using skills in AutoCAD, operations management, sales, quality system compliance and people management.

Melvin recently shared his experience in the program during one of our online information sessions. Learn more about his experience with the Purdue Online MBA, and why it was the right fit for him.

1. Why did you decide to enroll in Purdue’s Online MBA program?

I always wanted to go back for my master’s degree. I never really thought it was going to be easy. I have kids and a full-time job. I wasn’t able to do in-person classes on the weekends because that was my only time with family.

I received my undergraduate degree from Purdue University in 2007, so [the school] has a place in my heart. When I found out about the online MBA program, I attended an information session where I learned I didn’t have to take the GMAT. Everything lined up, and I went from learning about the program to enrolling in the next online semester it was available.

2. What have you found most rewarding about the online MBA program?

For me, it was the experience of learning and working with [individuals] from diverse backgrounds, and we all had the same goal of getting our MBA. We were able to connect during the pandemic, and it was nice to learn together over the computer.

One of my goals upon graduation was to grow into a new role. And I was able to obtain a job as a plant manager before I even graduated. My specialization was in change management, and the courses I took really helped me come [into my new workplace] and be the change that was needed at the time.

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3. How do you feel the online format compares to an on-campus program?

For me, the online format was just as rewarding. I was on campus for my undergraduate degree, so I’ve had that experience.

With all the technology that Purdue uses for our courses, it’s pretty seamless. You’re setting up meetings [and completing your work] just like many other people who work from home. When I met the other [students] in person at graduation, I actually felt like I already knew them because we’ve been working together for two years.

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