Resources to Help You Succeed In Your Communication Masters

Jennifer Merzdorf

Jennifer Merzdorf, Student & Alumni

Eagerly you begin your trip, confident you will reach your destination smoothly. And usually, you do. Every once in a while, though, you take a wrong turn and need to ask for directions. Isn’t it great to find a helpful person to get you back on the road?

Resources for Communication Masters

In the journey through the Online Master of Science in Communication, you will also find you need to ask for directions along the way. When you do, Purdue has the resources to help you successfully stay on track.

1. Faculty and Advisors

Through timely emails, online videos, lively discussions, help with course registration and the plan of study, your course instructors and advisors are right there with you! They can answer any questions you have related to class content, assignments, or the degree program itself.

2. Purdue Online Writing Lab

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is your go-to source for writing resources and instructional materials. From citing references in the correct format to creating a top-notch resume, you’ll feel like OWL is your own personal editor! Be sure to check out the Media File Index, where you can access recorded workshops, PowerPoints, sample papers, and more.

3. Purdue Libraries

When you need the perfect source for a paper, discussion board, or any class project, Purdue Libraries is the first place to look. Online journal articles, reserved course materials, interlibrary loan, archived collections, and other resources can be accessed from the Libraries website – all remotely!

4. Office of the Bursar and Division of Financial Aid

Navigating through the logistics of paying for your Master’s degree is simplified by the clear directions provided each step of the way. Purdue’s Office of the Bursar and Division of Financial Aid deliver easy-to-understand invoices and information on the variety of ways to pay, ranging from online payments and financial aid, to convenient installment plans.

For More Communication Masters Resources

If you need directions to find the right solution for your individual situation, utilize Purdue's vast array of resources in place to help you succeed. Earning your Online Master of Science in Communication is definitely a journey you will not take alone! Boiler Up!

*The views and opinions expressed are of the author and do not represent the Brian Lamb School of Communication.