Top Careers and Industries for Communication Graduates


Debra Davenport, Faculty

Many students enter Purdue’s M.S. in Strategic Communications program with broad and diverse interests and experience.  Some join the program to further their communications careers, while others commence the program with the hope of pursuing new career opportunities.

One question I hear quite frequently is, what can I do with my M.S. degree?  The good news is that many employers deem communication skills to be the most important asset a candidate can bring to the table.  So, no matter what your career path, your strategic communications degree from Purdue will be a significant plus on your résumé.

According to, the top career fields for strategic communicators include:

1.    Writing and editing
2.    Internal communications
3.    Public relations
4.    Publicity
5.    Market research analysis
6.    Newscasting
7.    Advertising
8.    Event planning
9.    Customer service
10.    Sales

While careers in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), media, publishing, social media, and corporate communications are typically associated with a strategic communications degree, plentiful opportunities exist in other non-traditional industries as well.  

Careers for Communication Graduates include:

1.    Health education and promotion
2.    Legal marketing
3.    Nonprofit management
4.    Politics / lobbying
5.    Research
6.    Teaching
7.    Public affairs
8.    Investor relations
9.    Organizational development
10.    Executive coaching
11.    Management consulting
12.    Corporate training
13.    Public speaking
14.    Celebrity / talent management
15.    Human resources / executive recruiting
16.    Entrepreneurship
17.    Chamber of commerce management
18.    Association management
19.    Board of director management
20.    Administration

All of these careers require outstanding communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving expertise, which you will acquire during the course of your program.  The breadth and depth of your masters degree in strategic communications will prepare you for a multitude of projects, roles, and responsibilities.  In addition, you will develop highly desirable – and transferable – skills that will serve you exceptionally well in whatever career you ultimately choose.

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Debra Davenport Ph.D. is a member of the online faculty of Purdue’s online Master of Science in Communication degree program. The program can be completed in just 20 months and covers numerous topics critical for advancement in the communication industry, including crisis communication, social media engagement, focus group planning and implementation, survey design and survey analysis, public relations theory, professional writing, and communication ethics.

*The views and opinions expressed are of the author and do not represent the Brian Lamb School of Communication.