Angela van Barneveld

Angela van Barneveld

Learning Design and Technology
Department of Curriculum & Instruction


Ph.D. in Learning Design and Technology, Purdue University, 2011
M.Ed. in Counseling, University of Ottawa, 1992
B.A. in Physical Education, Acadia University, 1983

Select Publications

van Barneveld, A. & Strobel, J. (2017, June). Engineering faculty perceptions about the impact of professional/industry experience on their teaching practice. Paper presented at 8th Annual Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA) Conference, Toronto, ON.

Strobel, J. & van Barneveld, A. (2009). When is PBL more effective? A meta-synthesis of meta-analyses comparing PBL to conventional classrooms. The Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning, 3(1), 44-58.

van Barneveld, A., Arnold, K.E., & Campbell, J.P. (2012). Analytics in higher education: establishing a common language [White paper]. Boulder, CO: EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. Available at

van Barneveld, A. & Strobel, J. (2015, June). Implementation of PBL in engineering education: Conceptualizations and management of tensions. Paper presented at the 6th Annual Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA) Conference, Hamilton, ON.

Lewandowski, J., van Barneveld, A., & Ertmer, P.A. (2016). Posting with intentionality in online instruction: Supporting instructors’ facilitation efforts. Educational Technology, 56(4), 15-20.


Assistant Professor - Lakehead University, Ontario (2014-present).
Adjunct Professor - Purdue University, Indiana (2012-present)
Visiting Professor - Purdue University, Indiana (2011-2012)
Manager - IBM Canada (2006-2016)

Professional Memberships

CEEA (Canadian Engineering Education Association)
CNIE (Canadian Network for Innovation in Education)

Courses Taught

EDCI 51300
EDCI 52800
EDCI 53100
EDCI 57200
EDCI 57300
EDCI 57500
EDCI 57700
EDCI 58800
EDCI 60001
EDCI 67200