Shaun Scott

Learning Design & Technology
Department of Curriculum and Instruction


Dr. Shaun Scott has taught Computer Science at the undergraduate level for 16 years and Education courses (specifically Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, and Learning Design) at the Graduate level since 2007. Prior to teaching Dr. Scott earned an A.S. in Information Processing and a B.S. in Business. These degrees lead to 11 years working in the Information Technology field, first in IT Management, then as a network manager and finally a systems analyst. After Dr. Scott started teaching he continued his education with a Masters then a Doctoral degree in education where his emphasis was Instructional Technology. Since Dr. Scott was part of a university transition from a traditional scheduling model to a One-Class-at-a-time model (Experience 1 or X1) his research centered around how students performed academically in various scheduling formats (ie. X1 vs. more traditional models). Dr. Scott has published several articles including "Computers and Humankind" and "Cyberculture", both for the Encyclopedia of Anthropology (Sage). Dr. Scott is active in his community coaching youth soccer and serving as both a Trustee and Board Chair on the local school board.


Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction: Emphasis - Instructional Technology, University of Montana
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Montana
B.S. in Business, University of Montana Western

Select Publications

Encyclopedia of Anthropology
, publisher
Dr. James Birx, editor
Published: Spring 2005

Computers and Humankind (8808 words total):
An anthropological perspective of computer technologies and their effect on human kind both today and in the future.

Cyberculture (1703 words each topic):
A perspective about how the Internet has created a new technology and computer centered culture.

Courses Taught

EDCI 51300
EDCI 52800
EDCI 53100
EDCI 56600
EDCI 56800
EDCI 56900
EDCI 57200
EDCI 57700
EDCI 60002