Curriculum and Instruction Jobs

Whether your specific role is to teach, evaluate, or create curriculum in education, your responsibilities are increasing as states and school districts place greater importance on achievement data. The MSEd in Curriculum and Instruction quickly delivers the knowledge and skills you need to educate your students.

You’ll Maximize Learning Potential in Diverse Classrooms

Research shows that when you apply new methodologies that involve social justice issues as well as STEM education within curriculum design and instruction, your role expands and all students thrive.

  • Teachers become teacher leaders. They create successful learning opportunities for all students in a diverse classroom and help their peers do the same.
  • Professionals in curriculum development jobs create new programs according to strong research that shows academic improvement for all students.
  • Administrators can strategically evaluate new curriculums that can best improve student learning across their districts.

Teacher Leaders Gain Autotomy, Widen Their Impact

The idea of teachers as leaders is expanding, especially where curriculum is concerned. This is happening formerly — with specific titles and responsibilities, and informally — with teachers recognized as valuable resources in particular areas.

  • Informally, teachers become resource providers — someone who naturally and easily shares the information and sources with colleagues and makes casual recommendations for implementation. They can also take on mentorships roles or serve as a school leader on a committee. They model continuous improvement and act as catalysts of change. Though informal, these positions give teachers visibility to executive leadership throughout their school and district and widen the impact of improved learning opportunities.
  • Formerly, teachers can promote positive learning experiences for hundreds or thousands of students at once as they move into curriculum facilitator, developer, designer, or specialist roles.

Curriculum Development Jobs and Salaries

Within a development or evaluator role, you empower many students at once to reach their full learning potential. Given the emphasis on standardized achievement scores in education, this field is growing rapidly as professionals race to create and implement proven programs.

  • Instructional Coordinator
    Curriculum specialist jobs, such as an instructional coordinator, involve officially overseeing curriculum. Professionals in these roles are tasked with a combination of the following: to evaluate the effectiveness of curriculums and teaching techniques, to review student test data, observe teachers in the classroom, recommend different teaching techniques, and to conduct training for teachers, especially where technology is concerned. Other titles can include: curriculum specialist, curriculum facilitator, technology specialist, and curriculum developer.
    Median Pay: $62,460Growth Rate: 11%
  • Post-Secondary Teachers
    The C&I degree supports professors as they seek to develop or modify the curriculum for a degree program, teach courses, plan individual lessons, and create program outcomes while assessing a student’s progress and helping them to achieve their goals.
    Median Pay: $75,430Growth Rate: 15%
  • K-12 Principals
    In their role to achieve academic excellence across their entire school, principals benefit from the information a C&I degree provides by learning how to properly evaluate the curriculum needs of their school and the programs that claim to improve learning. It can also help them modify current curriculums and identify teacher leaders to help implement strategies.
    Median Pay: $92,510Growth Rate: 8%
  • Director of Instructional Technology
    The C&I degree strengthens the role of a Director of Instructional Technology with the new methodologies that serve their goals to create stronger and more well-rounded learning experiences for students, and to develop new methods to present educational curricula to students using online and/or computer-based learning platforms.
    Median Pay: $73,989
  • Instructional Technology Manager
    As they work to carry out policies and procedures for the technology arm of education, the C&I degree provides the advanced knowledge instructional technology managers need to operate efficiently and ensure new methodologies are included in their process.
    Median Pay: $61,611

Teaching Positions that Benefit from the C&I Degree

Whether you need to better prepare for your changing classroom or have your eye on a leadership role to offer improved learning opportunities to a greater audience, the curriculum and instruction degree will support the job you’re in right now. And in most districts, a master’s degree can lead to greater salaries.

  • Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers
    Building math and reading skills from an early age is critical to long-term student learning. Using the skills a C&I degree provides you’ll provide children a strong start to educational success.
    Median Pay: $55, 490Growth Rate: 7%
  • High School Teachers
    Applying the methodologies from Purdue’s C&I degree allows these educators to create more sophisticated lesson plans, teach equally across genders, and introduce subject matter in a way that students understand more fully.
    Median Pay: $58,030Growth Rate: 8%

See How the MSEd in Curriculum and Instruction Improves Your Job

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