Online Master of Science in Engineering Technology

Engineered to Be Different

Connect engineering, technology and science to practical industrial or business applications and emerge as a leader in your field. With Purdue's online MS in Engineering Technology program, offered through our Polytechnic Institute, you'll gain deep technical knowledge, essential skills and direct experiences in the discipline. You'll learn how to solve problems creatively, think critically, truly innovate, and communicate in a compelling way to all project stakeholders — the top soft skills employers seek.

Throughout every course, you'll capture real-world knowledge that you can immediately use to succeed in your current role and position yourself for future advancement.

Is This the Right Program for You?

The MS in Engineering Technology is not to be confused with a graduate degree in engineering science. Designed for students with an undergraduate degree in engineering, engineering technology, science, information technology or business, the engineering technology program is uniquely equipped to prepare you for a variety of careers, but it does not prepare you to be a theoretical engineer.

You'll have the ability to solve business and industry challenges using existing sciences and technologies. You'll merge knowledge, art and skill to develop and impact the deployment of solutions to complex, real-world problems in manufacturing technology, and many other areas.


Learn From the Experts

When you learn from Purdue University, you're learning from a leader in engineering technology education. In the program, you'll learn:

  • How to apply an agile strategy
  • Real-world, problem-solving skills from global case studies
  • Within a dynamic curriculum that consistently adapts to industry trends
  • From faculty who have firsthand, expert-level experience in business and industry
  • "Smart manufacturing" techniques to analyze data and better manage processes
  • To gain greater control as a technology manager
  • About cybersecurity and the internet of things as they relate to manufacturing and business

Gain Essential Knowledge You Can Apply Immediately

As you build your foundation of skills throughout the program, you'll become recognized as a technology leader, faster. By graduation, you will be able to:

  • Design and guide complex collaborations
  • Drive innovative and technical solutions
  • Achieve strategic outcomes with an agile approach
  • Identify and analyze energy-saving opportunities of commercial/industrial systems with an economic evaluation of energy audit training
  • Improve efficiency, process flows and product quality across new and legacy equipment that's interconnected
  • Apply best practices of advanced networked systems that combine sensors, data, models and algorithms
  • Globally apply the interaction of engineering/professional ethics, project management and cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Mine data and report valid quantitative or qualitative results to perform due diligence and create comprehensive proposals for potential solutions
  • Judge enterprise cybersecurity and industrial espionage risks, including the value of utilizing the Internet of Things
  • Understand operation and maintenance processes for modern high-performance buildings, including indoor air quality and cost-effective, renewable energy savings measures in commercial and industrial facilities

Advance Your Career in Engineering Technology

As a graduate of the program, you'll be prepared for advanced technical positions and leadership roles where you'll develop and implement problem-solving strategies that can be scaled across entire businesses. You'll be qualified to apply for positions in industry, academia and government in applied research, solution development and management, and be confident in pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. 

Join a Powerful Engineering Technology Network

By graduation, you'll be at the forefront of emerging areas such as project management, sustainable energy, agile strategy and smart manufacturing. And you'll be connected to a network of proud alumni who are employed at Fortune 500 companies and other leading organizations throughout the nation, such as Rolls-Royce, Caterpillar, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, Cummins, 3M, Boeing, FCA, ExxonMobile, Johnson Controls and many more!

Choose Purdue — The Engineering Technology Leader

  • #1 in Engineering Technology Enrollment in the U.S. — American Society of Engineering Education
  • #1 in Female Graduates in Engineering Technology — American Society of Engineering Education
  • America's Top 25 Public Universities — U.S. News & World Report
  • #4 University as Ranked by Recruiters — The Wall Street Journal


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