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The Psychology of Social Media

This week, we’re having a most interesting discussion in my Integrated Communication class about the psychological implications of social media – specifically, how the human ego drives social media activity and engagement.

Here’s an edited version of a post I shared with the class:

As we can see, social media is the most effective platform for stimulating audience engagement and two-way communication. But what is the genesis of this behavior, and why do users respond positively to requests for product reviews and user-generated content?

Study Skills for Master in Communication Students

Every new course in the Masters in Strategic Communication degree program means new assignments, a new professor, and new expectations. Understandably, these changes can be stressful, particularly if well-developed study habits are not practiced consistently.

In an effort to minimize anxiety and maximize performance, I’ve created the following tips that will help to ensure a pleasurable and efficient learning experience in all of your classes.

Using Assessments to Enhance Organizational Communication - Part I

Internal organizational communication is critical. As strategic communicators, we may think that a company’s external audiences are key but, in reality, it is the internal audience that should be top priority.

An organization’s internal audience creates powerful and credible word-of-mouth messaging. Further, employees are an organization’s most effective brand ambassadors. Their perceptions, support, and loyalty are critical for long-term success.

Self-Care for Graduate Students

Your graduate Communication program is designed to provide an enjoyable, stimulating, and richly rewarding experience. With that said, earning a high-quality degree requires a significant investment of time and effort. Added to a student’s family obligations and professional career, graduate studies can create stress and “un-wellness” if not properly managed.

Self-care is absolutely essential for graduate school success. The ability to listen to – and heed – the body’s signals can help prevent small stressors from becoming significant wellness concerns.

Time Management for Graduate Communication Students

One of the most common concerns I hear from students is lack of time. I often get several requests each week from students who need extra time to complete their discussion posts and assignments. However, the high standards of a Purdue graduate program don’t typically permit late submissions, which means students must take proper steps to maximize and manage their time.

With that in mind, here are some tips and recommendations that I hope are beneficial for you:

The Best Communication Habits of Top Leaders

Expectations of today’s leaders are perhaps higher than ever. Not only must leaders continually innovate to maintain a competitive edge, they must also navigate the tumultuous political environment, stay ahead of the technology curve, and effectively motivate and engage their various stakeholder audiences. Without superior communication skills, leaders will be hard-pressed to meet these exceptionally high expectations.


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