Purdue NExT Professional Development Courses

Get quick access to courses focusing on applied professional development. Master specific marketable skills in a revolutionary cloud-based online format, taught by world-class instructors.

The Purdue NExT course offering are perfect for businesses looking to bolster their employee skill level, higher education institutions that wish to supplement their degree programs and curricula, and individual lifelong learners looking to expand their knowledge.

Explore the diverse areas of study and vast course offering below.

Business Optimization

Initial Lean Supply Chain – Leadership
Initial Lean Supply Chain – Proficiency
Initial Lean Supply Chain – Strategic
Initial Lean Supply Chain – Tactical
Optimization Modeling of Economic Systems
Optimization Modeling of Economic Systems: Risk and Dynamics

Business Services

Effective Training Methods
Gamification, Social Networks & Engagements
Global Marketing Management
Operational Global Health Supply Chain
Operational Supply Chain Management
Strategic Global Health Supply Chain
Strategic Supply Chain Management
Sustainability Strategies
Venture Capital and the Entrepreneur


Presenting Complex Information
Presenting Persuasive Information

Computer Science

Principles of Parallelism

Financial Services

Advanced Personal Finance
Federal Tax Accounting - Individual Income Tax
Federal Taxation of Business & Property Transaction
Federal Tax Accounting - Entity Taxation
Intermediate Accounting - Foundations & Financial Statements
Intermediate Accounting - Current Assets & Revenue
Intermediate Accounting - PP&E and Other Noncurrent Assets
Intermediate Accounting - Liabilities & Debt Financing
Intermediate Accounting - Pensions, Equity Financing, & EPS
Intermediate Accounting - Debt, Taxes, & Cash Flows
Managerial Accounting: Costing Systems & Fundamentals
Managerial Accounting: Performance Planning & Management
Small Business Accounting

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Introduction to Battery Technology
Hybrid-Electric Vehicles – Power Electronics & Electric Machines
Hybrid-Electric Vehicle – Performance & Environment Impact
Introduction to Fuel Cells
Fuel Cell Systems and Analysis

Integrated Circuit Development

Applied Signal Processing Systems

Science & Mathematics

Introduction to Biometrics
Application of Biometrics
Introduction to Polymer Science: Chemistry
Introduction to Polymer Science: Polymerization

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