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Concentrations Offer Future Career Benefits

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Sharpen Your Career Focus

Studying a concentration gives you direct experience in competitive fields and prepares you for a more complex and flexible career path. You’ll use sophisticated insights to better highlight your capabilities for positions, and explore career choices you might not have considered before.

Why Select a Concentration?

Concentrations are often provided within degrees that serve as a broad foundation to a larger industry, and when learning opportunities are identified by new employment trends. They provide specialized skills within an industry — delivering focused, expert-level information that allows graduates to step into new roles with confidence on day one.

Consider These Points When Selecting a Concentration

  • Your Natural Strengths and Interests. Note where work seems to “fit” you best. Where do you connect easily to information and generate ideas? What projects are you excited to work on? Conversely, what tasks do you find you drag your feet on? Make note of the “buckets” these fit into and look for commonalities that align to a concentration.
  • Supervisor Feedback. What feedback have you received from your supervisor in regards to your strengths and weaknesses? What have you been asked to improve? What other roles look interesting to you? Why?
  • Social Media/Job Sites. Use LinkedIn and Indeed to further research roles, and find the ones that excite you the most. Look at the qualifications needed, and see how coursework can fulfill those qualifications.

Which Communication Concentration Is For You?

Communication needs are expanding rapidly throughout organizations, industries, and leadership positions. In recognizing these needs, Purdue’s online MS in Communication offers four concentrations that speak to current and future job trends:

  • Integrated Communication and Advertising
  • Strategic Communication/Public Relations
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Health Communication

Integrated Communication and Advertising Concentration

You’ll understand the need and how to engage all organizational stakeholders to develop effective messaging strategies that reflect the integration of advertising, marketing, and public relations, then create plans and branding initiatives with persuasion theory and best practices.

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Strategic Communication/Public Relations Concentration

You’ll learn to understand and overcome key issues in managing organizational relationships with stakeholders and global challenges associated with strategic communication initiatives. You’ll develop communication strategies tailored to the unique needs of specific publics and facilitate effective responses to organizational crises.

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Communication and Leadership Concentration

Identify communication strategies when the stakes are high and learn how you can increase team productivity through communication. You'll develop data-fueled communication strategies and manage the challenges that occur naturally throughout conflicts, negotiations and change.

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Health Communication Concentration

Learn how to communicate within the increasingly complex healthcare industry. You'll improve communications of internal and external teams, including industry stakeholders, patients, providers, payers and government agencies while learning how to address advocacy issues.

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