Integrated Communication and Advertising Concentration

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Be Successful Throughout Your Company

Get ready to work at the intersection of marketing, advertising, public relations and corporate communication in advanced management positions. The concentration provides practical experience in collaborating across organizational boundaries to develop messaging strategies that increase engagement.

Gain Career-Ready Skills

The Integrated Communication and Advertising concentration is comprised of 9 credits over 3 courses. By the end of the program you understand specifically how to:

  • Develop communication strategies that reflect the integration of marketing, public relations and advertising
  • Facilitate the development of communication plans
  • Create advertising, marketing, and branding initiatives
  • Develop messages that increase engagement using persuasion theory and best practices

Careers in Integrated Communication and Advertising

The communications industry has become increasingly digital — and professionals need to adapt to a shifting skillset and new positions so strategy, branding, and messaging align across the organization and are effective with targeted audiences across all channels.

An integrated communication approach is necessary for many communications titles, see below for job titles, industries and average salaries.1

Marketing managers work across the organization to establish products and programs to ensure clients are happy as they align messaging across all channels.

Marketing managers can expect a job growth rate of 10% through 2026, and find a high rate of employment within the advertising and public relations industry — it’s in the top five list of industries with the highest level of employment for professionals with this title. Within it, they earn a mean wage of $158,790. 

  • Management of Companies and Enterprises, $154,200
  • Computer Systems Design and Related Services, $153,360
  • Credit Intermediation and Related Activities, $146,430
  • Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services, $144,220

More job titles that apply to integrated communication and advertising include:

  • Brand managers
  • Marketing strategist
  • Media relations specialist
  • Communication manager
  • Media manager
  • Corporate communication specialist

Concentration Courses

Take Seminar in Advertising and Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication and choose a third course.

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