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Communication and Leadership Concentration

Drive Results with High-Impact Communication

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Manage Change. Resolve Conflict. Lead Teams.

Position yourself as a leader with the skills to communicate across organizations when you leverage data analysis and strategic planning in your company communications.

Gain Career-Ready Skills

The Communication and Leadership concentration is comprised of 9 credits over 3 courses. By the end of the program you understand specifically how to:

  • Identify relevant theories and principles of leadership, organizational communication, and data-informed communications planning
  • Understand how communication can increase team productivity
  • Develop comprehensive internal and external communications plans
  • Construct a communications plan to achieve a leadership position in a marketplace
  • Advise peers and colleagues as they work through their own communication challenges
  • Identify communication strategies to communicate with executives when stakes are high and explain the role of leadership and culture in global strategic communication

Careers in Leadership Communication

Organizations everywhere are looking for capable and confident leaders to drive results with clear and effective communications. As communications tools and formats shift and change, the field is primed to continue growing at a rate of 6 percent through 2026.1 Jump in and put your skills to use in the industry of your choice.

Lead high-level communications initiatives internally and externally to ensure clarity, strengthen brand awareness, or meet other organizational goals with sound and effective communications strategy.

Average Salary: $85,7092 

Maintain an organization's reputation, and help define their chosen public ethos, with effective public relations. Manage press coverage and counteract crises on behalf of your company with strategic communications.

Average Salary: $85,1683

Additional job titles that apply to leadership communication include:

  • Internal Communications Director
  • Director of Marketing
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Director of Digital Marketing
  • Brand Manager
  • Executive Communications Manager
  • Media Director
  • Director of Public Affairs
  • Consultant
  • Communication Specialist

Concentration Courses

Take these two courses.

  • Leadership and Global Strategic Communication

    This course provides students with theoretical background in leadership and global strategic communication, as well as the opportunity to apply what they learn to strategic communication cases and their own professional experiences. It also encourages them to handle leadership challenges and articulate theoretically-informed analyses and evaluations of leadership in action.

  • Communication and Leadership

    Communication is the essence of leadership, and this course aims to identify how communication can fuel productivity, drive consensus and push the organization to a leadership position within a market.

Choose your third course.

  • Public Health Administration

    An introduction to the principals of management as applied to public health organizations, particularly local health departments. Topics include the organization of the U.S. public health system, legal and ethical obligations of public health administrators, the public health workforce and human resource issues, public health budgeting and finance, and leadership in the public health agency. The course is designed to introduce master's level students in public health to the management skills necessary to successfully implement a public health program.

  • Fundamentals of Collaborative Leadership and Agile Strategy

    Acquire foundational skills in collaborative leadership and agile strategy. The course brings together theories and insights from a variety of disciplines including engineering, management, psychology and social science. Increasingly, manufacturing management is being called upon to apply their technical skills in collaborative environments that cut across organizational units and inter-organizational boundaries.

    Understanding how to design and guide collaborations and apply agile approaches for meeting strategic objectives is an important skill set and knowledge base in the 21st century economy, defined more by open networks than the rigid hierarchies of the past. (Students may choose this course as their third course or select an approved alternative.)

  • Leadership in Hospitality and Tourism

    Focus on the knowledge and skills required for effective leadership. Topics will draw upon an extensive body of research on leadership theory and practice and cover organizational behavior and team dynamics, business communication, decision making, motivation, and change management. In addition to specific skill development in the areas of problem-solving, written and oral communications, leading teams, and goal setting, it will include models for examining personal career paths, ethical decision-making, and the role of organizational change-agents. This course will take an interdisciplinary approach and analyze leadership through different lenses, showing how leadership insights can be effectively applied to hospitality organizations. You will examine leadership examples where individuals moved an organization from normal to exceptional.

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