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Prepare to take on advanced management roles and become the communications authority for your organization as you build critical skills in public relations. Take the 9 credits over 3 courses that make up the Strategic Communication/Public Relations concentration.

Gain Career-Ready Skills

In the Strategic Communication/Public Relations concentration you’ll use a new global perspective to master crisis communications in the 21st Century, and learn how to build an integrated strategy that properly identifies, then involves, all key stakeholders. By the end of the program you understand specifically how to:

  • Use your understanding of the key issues in managing organizational relationships with stakeholders to gain buy-in and create messaging faster and more effectively
  • Develop plans tailored to the unique needs of specific publics so they are readily heard and acted upon
  • Create responses to organizational crises in an ethical way
  • Understand and overcome global challenges associated with strategic communication initiatives

Careers in Public Relations

Within the communications field, public relations is a specialty that demands nuanced skills and experience. Given the ease of sharing news and reaching numerous publics at once, it’s also a growing field — the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects employment in public relations to grow faster than average over the next 10 years.

Public Relations Specialist

Earning a communications degree with a PR concentration is a smart move for candidates who’d like to use their communication skills in a public relations role or at a PR firm. You’ll gain a much-needed edge over candidates, especially at firms with large media exposure where there’s stiff competition amongst candidates.

Average Salary: $59,300

Job Growth Through 20261: 9%

Public Relations & Fundraising Managers

Professionals with these management titles are growing at an equal rate. Amidst the growth of social media and technology, the need for organizations to maintain their public image has grown as well. And, the increasing need to raise funds for nonprofit organizations requires more skilled fundraising managers.

Average Salary: $111,280

Job Growth Through 2026: 10%

Other popular titles for those in public relations include:

  • Media Relations
  • Corporate Communication Specialist/Manager
  • Communication Practitioners
  • Social Media Specialists/Managers/Marketers
  • Public Affairs Specialists/Managers
  • Public Relations Specialists/Managers
  • Internal Communication Specialists/Managers
  • Employee Relations Specialists/Managers
  • Consultants
  • Human Relations Specialists/Managers
  • Communication Specialist

Concentration Courses

Take these 3 courses.

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