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Given the growth and evolution of instructional design and educational technologies, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth in this field to jump 11 percent.1 Prepare to meet the rising demand for educators experienced with developing and implementing these technologies with Purdue University’s online Master of Science in Education in Learning Design and Technology.

Career Snapshots

By graduation day, you have a portfolio filled with projects that demonstrate your expertise and can hit the job market ready to meet employers with proof of your experience, skills, and successes. Our MS in Education in Learning Design and Technology degree is the competitive edge you need to stand out for educational technology careers and a high-level salary in instructional technology.

K–12 Education

Schools need updated curricula to keep pace with our changing society and to improve student outcomes under increasing pressure. The rapid adoption of technology-facilitated learning means more job opportunities for instructional designers.

Business Training & Professional Development

Advances in technology mean employees need to learn new software, hardware, and other equipment while the near-constant changes in fields like healthcare mean frequent updates in training. As organizations work to boost employee performance and skills, training and development are crucial to their success.

LDT Career Comparison

Top LDT Careers:

  • Curriculum Developer
  • Educational Technologist
  • Educational Training Specialist
  • Instructional Designer
  • Instructional Design Manager
  • Instructional Technologist
  • Learning Design And Technology
  • Learning Designer
  • Learning Experience Designer
  • Training and Development Manager

Business Training & Professional Development Roles

Types of Roles: Multimedia Design, Training and Development, E-Learning, Project Management, Instructional Development, Content Design

Versatility Beyond the Classroom

It’s a common misconception that only the classroom is affected by innovations in learning and teaching methods.

The reality is, companies continually seek and use innovative training techniques, including social networks, visual simulations, and mobile learning. They need skilled professionals who know how to put these tools to work.

With an online master’s in learning design and technology, you’ll have tremendous versatility in the workforce and succeed just as well in a corporate setting as you would in a classroom. You’re prepared to succeed in a variety of environments that suit your experience and interests — from nonprofits and government agencies to corporations, hospitals and even medical schools. 

With Purdue’s MS in Education and Learning Design you’ll be ready to develop and implement advanced training methods, and you’ll have the skills and knowledge required for a broad range of instructional technology and educational technology degree jobs.

Instructional Design

Areas where instructional design are needed in business include:

  • Instruction Content Development
  • Multimedia Design and Development
  • IT and Computer Training
  • Learning Services
  • LMS/LCMS Administration
  • Project Management

Educational Technology & Training

Education technology and training are needed in:

  • Specialized Education
  • Training Development

E-Learning & Multimedia

E-learning and multimedia are needed in:

  • Learning Leadership
  • Collaborative Learning
  • E-Learning Development

Instructional Coordinator vs. Training & Development Manager

Instructional Coordinator vs. Training & Development Manager

Review the charts below for a comparative look at job availability and income for these two roles.

Chart comparing mean annual salary for instructional coordinators, $65,500, to training and development managers, $115,180

Take the Next Step

Master educational technology integration and become a leader in the field of instructional design and implementation. Earning Purdue’s online Master of Science in Education in Learning Design and Technology will pave your way for new career opportunities and a higher instructional technology salary.

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