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Gain Career-Based Skills

Purdue’s online MSEd in Learning Design and Technology consists of 14 courses (35 credits) over 22 months. It provides you with effective strategies and techniques for educating students and training employees. This flexible online program puts you in the driver’s seat with real-world examples and brings you up to speed with the very latest instructional techniques aimed to inspire, excite and enlighten your students.

Prove Your Skillset Easily

At Purdue, you don’t have to wait until you finish the program to prove your skills. You earn competency and technology badges throughout the program to demonstrate Purdue has verified your abilities in new skillsets.

Competency Badges

This group of badges highlights your mastery of design and abilities to implement and evaluate instruction and training programs that address specific needs — crucial skills in learning design and technology. Earning badges throughout the program provides you the opportunity to revisit and reflect upon what you have learned, advancing your skillset even further.

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Technology Badges

Technology badges display your knowledge of distinct instructional tools which can be incorporated into your instructional plans. Badges can be earned for credit, or simply for professional development purposes. They’re available to you for the duration of your enrollment in the MSEd program and can be earned for credit as part of the course EDCI 56000, or on your own in self-paced modules.

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MSEd in Learning Design & Technology Core Courses

Technology Selective Courses

One course from the list of technology selectives is required.

General Electives

In addition to taking a technology selective, you're required to take an additional course from the list of general electives or you may take a second course from the list of technology selectives.

Demonstrating Competency in LDT — Badge Series

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