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Diversity brings together students from all walks of life. At Purdue, our students are ethnically, culturally and spiritually diverse – allowing for a wide variety of ideas, thoughts and opinions to add depth and interest to the fabric of society. We encourage every individual to contribute his or her unique perspective on the world to create a rich postsecondary experience.

Read stories from the graduates of Purdue’s MSEd in Learning Design and Technology and learn how our online program set them each on a course to conquer the future.

Erica Vail

  • What did you most enjoy about the MSEd in Learning Design and Technology online program?

    I loved the program for two main reasons: 1) It was practical and was very relevant to my work, and 2) I was able to help and be helped by so many of the other educational technologists (i.e., other students) that I met as we shared our work experiences with each other and used each other as a resource.

  • What other program benefits did you enjoy?

    The Learning Design and Technology students are like a family of sorts. The networking and even friendships that were formed are incredible. I like the fact that the students come from backgrounds ranging from K-12 settings to the higher education context to the corporate training world. It was interesting to gain different perspectives from people in different roles. Many of the students worked in higher education, and I was able to form some significant relationships with them. The courses are highly interactive, and there is a lot of autonomy to find different ways to demonstrate your learning. Also, most of the professors seem to be actively involved in the field and they share the latest developments.

  • As a whole, has this program helped you in your career?

    This program has helped me in the position that I am in right now. I think what it has helped me with most is project management and human performance interventions. It has also helped me approach course design in a more strategic manner. Having this degree makes one so marketable. I have already been offered a handful of jobs before I have even conferred the degree. Having a Purdue degree is attractive to employers. I listed it in my LinkedIn profile and I received some inquiries. The problem with having a degree like this is that there are too many options to choose from! For now, I am very happy with how it has helped me to develop in my current position!

Deborah Rasmussen

  • How has this program affected your life?

    This program has been invaluable to both my own professional development and my skills within my role as a system educator. This program helped me understand how people learn and the diversity of that experience from individual to individual. It helped me assess an instructional problem and identify diverse solutions. I learned how to design my instruction in a more holistic way and was introduced to teaching strategies that build critical thinking. I learned how to use technology to enhance learning rather than for the sake of just using the latest gadget. I learned the difference between training and performance and how to design programs to enhance motivation.

  • Explain how Purdue made a difference in your educational experience.

    This is an incredibly diverse field and Purdue provides a stellar foundation for you to be able to work in K-12, higher education or industry. The faculty is incredibly supportive and though the work is challenging, the design of the program focuses on application. You will know what you are doing when you finish!

Lisa Sheldon Brown

  • What parts of your experience with the program have been the most meaningful?

    I came here to learn theory and the best way to use ed tech. I've learned a lot more than that. I've learned about best strategies in teaching overall — face to face and in an online environment — and the vital importance of implementing these strategies early. Not only that, but the students here have built a community of learners and friends in an entirely online environment, demonstrating clearly that learners have a need to create a community and thrive more because of it. (Go social cognitive theory!) It's been fascinating and rewarding.

  • How has this program made an immediate impact on your career?

    I began this program working at Pearson, where I had been for 13 years. I was getting this degree so I could better help higher ed instructors design solid online courses or course components that best met their needs and the needs of their students. Not a bad goal. But I'm ending this program building an online curriculum for elementary school students to engage and inspire them in learning through a Junior Test Pilot Program at the Air Force Flight Test Museum.

  • How has your professional outlook on the Learning Design and Technology field been affected?

    Lesson plans in STEM subjects that can catch at least some children early — before it may be too late. I had been exposed to enough research to know that early learning was key in reading and math, but I've learned much more about inspiring interest in all subjects to create life-long learners. This doesn't happen by teaching straight out of a textbook. It happens in an activity-rich, personally relevant and learner directed environment, and THAT is not impossible with any subject or skill!

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