EDPS 57300 - Medical and Physical Management of Individuals with Multiple Disabilities

(3 credit hours)

Format: Online
Duration: 8 weeks
Credits: 3 credits

The needs of students with multiple disabilities requires a special educator to posses a complete understanding of a wide variety of orthopedic, musculo-skeletal and sensory disorders. In this course you will examine how the medical and physical needs of students effects a teachers design of instruction.

Weekly assignments and discussions on relevant topics will offer diverse outlooks and give you valuable interaction with fellow classmates and your instructor. Your coursework is designed to provide you with applicable and meaningful experiences while making it possible to continue a work/life balance while completing your masters degree.

What You’ll Learn in EDPS 57300
This course is designed to provide you with an examination of the medical and physical aspects of multiple disabilities, as well as the educational models of intervention and service delivery for individuals with multiple disabilities.

Course Topics
Throughout this course, weekly topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Implications of Physical, Health, and Multiple Disabilities and Promoting Health and Independence
  • Neuromotor Impairments
  • Orthopedic, Musculoskeletal, and Sensory Disorders: Physical Management Skills
  • Basic Self-Help, Respiratory, and Related Health Procedures
  • Degenerative and Terminal Diseases + Infectious Diseases

Course Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of EDPS 57300, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The roles and responsibilities of the educational team.
  • Instructional strategies needed to promote independence.
  • Motor tone and motor patterns.
  • Proper positioning, lifting, and handling techniques.
  • Feeding and toileting techniques.
  • Infection control.
  • Assessment and monitoring of major heath conditions.

*Disclaimer: Course content and outcomes may vary and are subject to change without notice.

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