Corporate Education and Professional Development

Bring Game-Changing Education to Your Organization

Every organization succeeds because of the people it employs. Providing your employees with online education from a Purdue University institution can help give them the opportunity to keep their knowledge and skills relevant, which is critical to your success.

Why Choose Purdue Online Programs and Professional Development Courses?

Real-World Application

The Purdue University system is known around the world for its scholarly excellence and research. Our online degree programs and professional development courses are taught by a faculty of scholars and researchers and by staff with real-world experience who hone students’ skills to effectively meet the challenges of modern business.

A Team to Conquer the Future

Purdue University institutions align education with your specific business needs, objectives and goals. With Purdue, you have access to a team of experts, without adding any personnel. Through employee education, you can grow your organization’s capabilities and improve employee retention.

Improve Employee Performance

Your employees will interact with peers inside and outside their immediate groups to maximize team-building skills. They gain knowledge to bridge skills gaps and meet specific business requirements. They also learn new ways of approaching their jobs, driving efficiencies and helping your organization thrive.

Professional, Scalable Learning

Online courses across the Purdue University system promote engagement and collaboration through the use of tools such as group discussions, portfolios, team projects, instant messaging and video conferencing, all readily accessible online. Offerings range from full academic degrees to professional development programs and courses. Programs are designed to drive measurable outcomes for your employees’ career paths and your organization.

Offerings vary from each university within the Purdue University system. Discover which programs and courses best align to your organization’s goals. 

Tailored Programs for Corporate Partners

Across the Purdue University system, we are focused on providing online education programs that will enable our corporate partners to transform their industries from within. Our diverse portfolio of online degree programs and professional development courses provide access to our world-renowned faculty and top-quality curriculum in a convenient, flexible format. We partner with businesses to upgrade employee skills through existing or tailored programming with measurable outcomes.

Employee Benefits

Help your employees gain new skills to apply to their current — and future — roles. Innovative online programs and courses from across the Purdue University system seamlessly integrate into your employees’ schedules, providing them with anytime, anywhere, 24/7 access to resources. Enabling your employees to advance their education is an investment that can pay dividends for both your organization and your workforce.

“There is a real need in today's business landscape for [continuous learning]; technology is moving so fast and elements of it have become mission-critical in most businesses. So if you are a senior manager or experienced technology professional, you may recognize that a modern understanding of capabilities like cybersecurity, machine learning, IoT and automation are essential for you, but that certainly wasn't a core part of your coursework 5, 10 or 20 years ago. Corporations are really beginning to understand that their best employees need continuous learning in order to continue to perform at a high level.”

“By working with Purdue to build curriculum tailored to the business challenges we are facing, we have been able to draw on Purdue's expertise in teaching and learning as well as the expertise of Purdue faculty. The insight we have gained has been helpful in shaping our direction, but, more importantly, the depth and sophistication of their thought process and research has given us the credibility we need to reach our senior sellers with new concepts and instruction that will help them meet their customer needs in the future.”

“Our partnership with Purdue Global has been invaluable in upskilling our workforce to fill mission-critical cybersecurity positions.”

“People are our most important ingredient and we are always looking for new ways to make Papa John’s a better place to work. We believe this is a truly unique tuition program in our industry. We’re excited to partner with such a well-respected institution to help us deliver on such a robust career growth opportunity for team members who want to pursue their goals to further their education.”

“One thing we have learned is that companies want flexibility in their online education. We are able to offer an immediately available product that works for one company’s learner cohorts rather than requiring the usual academic scheduling. We listened carefully to another company’s business problem to create a series of custom courses for their employees.”

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