Purdue University Corporate Education

Bring a Game Changing Education to Your Organization

Every business succeeds by the people it employs. You’ve hired the best and brightest in your industry, but now what? Providing your employees with an online education from Purdue University helps give them the opportunity to keep their knowledge and skills relevant, which is critical to the success of your business.

Real World Application

Purdue is known around the world for its scholarly excellence and research. Our online degree programs and professional development courses are taught by a faculty of scholars and researchers and staff with real-world experience who hone students’ skills to effectively meet the challenges of modern business.

Purdue and You: A Team to Conquer the Future

Purdue’s aligns education with your business objectives. We offer programs and professional development courses that meet your specific business needs and we work with you to ensure your business goals are met.

Your employees will interact with peers inside and outside their immediate groups to maximize team-building skills. They will gain knowledge to bridge skill gaps to meet specific business requirements. They will learn new ways of approaching their jobs, driving efficiencies within your organization and helping your organization grow.

With Purdue, you have access to a team of experts, without adding any personnel. Through education, you will be able to grow your organization’s capabilities and increase employee performance.

A Professional Online Learning Platform

Depending on the subject, Purdue’s course design helps promote engagement and collaboration through the use of group discussions,  portfolios, team projects, instant messaging, and video conferencing. The courses are  mobile, available on any device, computer, tablet or phone. Most importantly, the course design is based on driving measurable outcomes for real world results for your employee’s career paths and your organization.

Conquer the Future with Purdue Online Programs and Professional Development Courses

Purdue University currently offers four corporate education programs to enhance your employee’s knowledge and skills:

MS in Communication
Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication Management
MS in Engineering Technology
MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management

MSEd in Learning Design and Technology
MSEd in Special Education
Master of Public Health

In addition, through the Purdue NExT professional development platform, Purdue University delivers on key core competencies via 5 week modular skill development courses that help your business realize true organizational ROI… Return on Intelligence.

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Employee Benefits

Help your employees gain new skills to apply to their current roles. Purdue University’s innovative online programs and courses are convenient and flexible, and seamlessly integrate into your employees’ schedules. Purdue's online programs provide your employees with anytime, anywhere , 24/7 access to courses.

Not only will your employees begin to advance their education, but for some online programs they’ll also receive tuition savings. It’s an investment that pays dividends for both your organization and your workforce.

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Discount availability and/or amount may vary by online program. To confirm discount and program details, please consult a program manager. Information presented may be revised without notice.