Based in Austin, Texas, Vanessa Lizcano is currently a Senior Research Manager at GLG. She is also a student in the Purdue University online MBA program, with a specialization in Innovation and Technology Commercialization.

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Vanessa recently shared her experience in the program during one of our online information sessions. Check out why she’s found Purdue’s online MBA to be a good fit.

1. Why did you decide to enroll in Purdue University’s online MBA program?

I knew I wanted to get an MBA but didn’t want to leave my career. With Purdue University's high-ranking online MBA program⁠—as well as the flexibility that it provided and just overall value⁠—it was a top choice for me. 

A good thing about this program is that a lot of students have full-time jobs, and they have families and other [responsibilities]. It’s a very flexible program. We can navigate what works best for us and when the best time to connect is. 

2. What have you found most rewarding about the online MBA program?

[It’s been the] ability to take in the learnings throughout different classes and apply them in real time. That’s one thing I don’t think I would have the advantage of [doing] in a traditional MBA program. 

Right now, I’m taking a data visualization class, and I’m able to apply what I’m using in that class for presentations at work the next day. I think there’s a lot of value in that.

After taking a data storytelling class, I found that I had more confidence in the way that I’m presenting [information] in my day-to-day role. 

The marketing class was helpful to understand customer pain points and what they find valuable. Being able to dig deep into these [topics] is useful in my current role. 

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3. What is your experience in building a network during the program?

Networking is made easy: We are put in a lot of groups for schoolwork, and you make friends—people based in California, New York, and Indiana (where the school is located). 

[Students have] different backgrounds, and getting to hear more about the work that they do can be impactful. 

There are [different] clubs too. There’s a women’s MBA program organization that I’m a part of that meets on a monthly basis. And it’s really helpful in giving me a good sense of what other people are working toward.

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