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The Purdue Online MBA features interactive instruction by the same distinguished faculty members currently teaching at the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business in West Lafayette.

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My role is to help students take complex legal principles and break them down so they can apply them to their jobs as managers. I want them to leave with concrete pictures and ideas about how the law intersects with the jobs they will do. If it is all esoteric and theoretical, then it doesn't connect to their real world. I want to bridge that gap.

Cara Putman

Clinical Assistant Professor
Director Brock-Wilson Center for Women in Business

Cara Putman

I'm here to assist the students' understanding of the material and then to help them apply it to real situations. I want them to be able to analyze and think critically about what they come in contact with in life. On the first day of class, I talk to the students about their interests and experiences, and I draw on these experiences in my lessons.

Cliff Fisher

Clinical Professor of Management
Business Law Area Head

Cliff Fischer

I relish the opportunity to influence students and shape their careers and, thus, have an impact on the world indirectly. I also enjoy the opportunity to share my research findings with regular people or skeptic executives and convince them about the non-intuitive findings related to the ways technology is transforming our lives.

Mohammad Rahman

Professor of Management
Daniels School Chair in Management

Mohammad Rahman

MBA Faculty