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Diversity brings together students from all walks of life. At Purdue, our students are ethnically, culturally and spiritually diverse – allowing for a wide variety of ideas, thoughts and opinions to add depth and interest to the fabric of society. We encourage every individual to contribute his or her unique perspective on the world to create a rich postsecondary experience.

Read stories from the graduates of Purdue’s Online Master's in Special Education and learn how our online program set them each on a course to conquer the future.

I was laid off from my teaching position at the start of the pandemic and decided it was time to take the next step in my teaching career and applied to grad school. I chose Purdue because they were extremely helpful in the admissions process and because the program had what I was looking for. I loved the seven week class format and the all online format (minus practicum). I am so glad that I chose Purdue because I have achieved my goal of being a special education teacher. I am in a district that I have dreamed of teaching in for a few years now. I can’t wait for what is next. Boiler up!

Naomi Tokuyama

Naomi Tokuyama Student Testimonial

The Purdue College of Education gave me a head and shoulders advantage in establishing myself as a special education professional. Even as a new special education teacher, I felt extremely prepared in understanding my role in educating students with exceptionalities across K-12 environments. I also appreciated the personal connections I made and the accessibility of the professors when I needed anything. I'm so glad I chose the Purdue online program to help me pursue my second career while still raising my family!

Teri Baxter

Teri Baxter Student Testimonial

I'm so grateful for the education I received from Purdue! I am extremely confident in the knowledge I gained throughout my time at Purdue. I have recommended the Master’s in Special Education program to many of my coworkers already!!

Taylor Patterson

Taylor Patterson Student Testimonial

I can honestly say that I wouldn't be a teacher without Purdue. I began my undergraduate studies as an education major but changed. It wasn't until several years after graduating that I realized special education was my calling. The Purdue program was the only master's program I could find that was set up to prepare me for initial licensure while working full-time (a must for a late-to-the-game teaching student), fully online for this rural Oregonian, and with a reputation of a high-quality program.

Sarah Gaulke

Sarah Gaulke Student Testimonial

The classes and accessibility of the program was helpful. It allowed me as a working professional to complete the program while working.

Bristol Ryff

Bristol Ryff Student Testimonial

Purdue helped me achieve my goal of becoming a teacher.  I had the heart and the skillset but needed the education and know how which I received at Purdue. They basically escort you through the entire process--both the professors and the administrative staff.  You never feel alone or not supported.

Amy Catteneo

Amy Catteneo Student Testimonial

I am thankful for the flexibility and convenience of this program. I learned so much during those the short course periods and the entire program went by so fast!

Alexandra Richmond

Alexandra Richmond Student Testimonial

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