Online Master of Science in Education in Learning Design and Technology

Design Effective Instructional Materials

Gain vital knowledge and explore innovative techniques to maximize your learner’s potential. Purdue University’s online Master of Science in Education in Learning Design and Technology helps you deliver effective instructional materials whether you’re teaching in a classroom or training in a boardroom. This 100 percent online MSEd in LDT program will give you the base knowledge and skills to design, develop, implement, and evaluate multimedia instructional materials. Students will also learn how to apply instructional design theories to industries outside of the educational field.

Students get the opportunity to show mastery of a variety of in-demand skills and knowledge by completing competency badges throughout the program – a feature that is unique to Purdue’s online MSEd program. These badges demonstrate to employers your ability to design, implement, and evaluate instruction and training programs that address specific needs. Upon graduation, you will have created a viable portfolio that immediately gives you a competitive advantage in the job market.

The competency badges also serve as an alternative credential to your degree, allowing you to show employers that Purdue has certified your competence in specific professional skills or knowledge when you earn the associated badge, rather than having to wait until you have completed the entire degree program to present potential employers with a credential.

Discover a Rigorous Curriculum

The MSEd in Learning Design and Technology prepares you to master current, proven learning methods and educational technologies through a rigorous online curriculum taught by leaders in the fields of learning experience design and emerging educational technology.

With a Master’s in Education in Learning Design and Technology, you’ll graduate with a deep understanding of:

  • New Approaches to Learning
    Understand and apply best practices in education and corporate training by engaging in authentic instructional design activities and solving real instructional design problems. Students also learn how to integrate technology in the classroom to achieve the desired learning objectives.
  • Instructional Design Principles
    Use technology to develop effective training and support materials by applying instructional design theory and principles.
  • Instructional Materials and Technology
    Design, develop and implement programs/courses and tools that support a variety of learning outcomes in K-12 and higher education settings and corporate environments.

The curriculum of the online MSEd in Learning Design and Technology incorporates the latest research in learning theory, educational technology and instructional design principles and encourages students to use their work experience as a framework for study.

The online MSEd in LDT program is taught by the same world-class faculty members that head our on-campus courses, as well as adjunct professors who bring years of experience as well as new ideas to the classroom. The only difference between the on-campus and online programs is the added flexibility to earn your masters when and where it’s most convenient for you.

U.S. News and World Report ranks Purdue University #29 in Best Online Education Programs.

Access and Master Current Technology Tools

To support your skills in instructional technology, you will have access to technology badges, a system in which you can learn about over 30 (and counting) specific instructional tools. Earning badges demonstrates mastery of the tools to potential employers. Badges can be earned for credit or simply for professional development purposes. These badges are available to you for the duration of your enrollment in the MSEd program.

For All Educators in Any Setting

There are many different types of educators. That’s why Purdue’s online MSEd in LDT program accepts students from all different educational and professional backgrounds who have an interest in the field of educational technology and learning design. The LDT graduate program allows you to apply and adapt proven teaching methods and learning technology to a wide range of training situations and workplace settings, including:

  • Classrooms
  • Business and industry
  • Government agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Military

Help Employees Increase Their Knowledge

Whether you’re a corporate trainer, instructional designer, e-learning manager or other corporate educator, the Master's in Education in Learning Design and Technology prepares you with the current tools, technologies, strategies, processes and practices to effectively use technology in the corporate training development context. Take this knowledge you learn in the classroom to help employees gain new skills to increase their potential. In doing so, you will prove to be an important asset for any organization that values growth and productivity—which means job security and greater earning potential after graduation.

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