EDCI 67200 - Advanced Practices in Learning Systems Design

(3 credit hours)

Format: Online
Duration: 8 weeks
Credits: 3 credits

Prepare for your future in professional practice through direct participation in the processes of Instructional Design. Use your apprenticeship to gain valuable experience, and interaction with classmates, while working to solve the challenging, real-world issues of design.

What You’ll Learn in EDCI 67200
Advanced Practices in Learning Systems Design is a case-based approach to learning instructional design (ID) skills. You’ll engage in authentic design activities via participation in a community of practice, simulating an ID apprenticeship shop. As with the traditional apprenticeship approach, it is acknowledged that each member of the shop/class has skills and knowledge from which others can benefit.

As part of the ID apprentice team, you’ll benefit by co-analyzing instructional design problems, having access to a wide range of ideas and perspectives, while working with diverse teams and individuals. You’ll also gain experience by developing solutions to real instructional design problems via case studies, as you give and receive constructive feedback.

Collaboration with Others
As a function of participating in this course, you will collaborate with others to:

  • Analyze complex instructional design case situations and identify key components (e.g., issues, stakeholders, contextual variables, perspectives, alternative solutions, potential consequences).
  • Propose and/or develop relevant intervention strategies (instructional or non-instructional) to the issues presented in a case situation that are consistent with arguments and evidence presented.
  • Identify and apply key characteristics of expert problem solving to ill-structured ID problems.
  • Facilitate a case study of a specific instructional design problem.

Course Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of EDCI 67000 Advanced Practices in Learning Systems Design, you will be able to:

  • Incorporate the knowledge, strategies, and attitudes needed to become an effective instructional design practitioner.
  • Analyze and synthesize ID practices through case studies.
  • Illustrate development of applied instructional design skills.
  • Apply basic concepts and principles of instructional design within authentic ID situations.

*Disclaimer: Course content and outcomes may vary and are subject to change without notice.

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