EDCI 60002 – Demonstrating Professional Competencies in LDT 

(1 credit hour taken 3 times)

Demonstrating Professional Competencies in LDT

Format: Online
Credits: 1 credit taken 3 times

What You’ll Learn in EDCI 60002

This course will primarily focus on the further earning of badges as part of demonstrating required program competencies. We will also further explore the purpose and process behind this. Additional resources and activities regarding a better understanding of the profession will also be available.

Course Goals

As a function of participating in this course, you will:

  1. Understand professional competencies, how they align with program and the process for demonstrating that you meet specific competencies.
  2. Make progress towards earning badges and meeting program-required competencies.

*Disclaimer: Course content and outcomes may vary and are subject to change without notice.

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