EDCI 56800 - Partnering with Web-Based Tools for Learner Centered Environments

(3 credit hours)

Format: Online
Duration: 8 weeks
Credits: 3 credits

21st century students turn to the internet first for information. It’s fast. It’s interactive. It’s global. To connect with this diverse group of quick-thinking and fast-moving learners, you need to bridge traditional knowledge and technology to create critical thinkers who are lifelong learners. In EDCI Partnering with Web-Based Tools for Learner Centered Environments, you’ll learn why educators need to rely less on traditional teaching methods and discover new and innovative ways to inspire their students.

What You’ll Learn in EDCI 56800
Partnering With Web-Based Tools For Learner Centered Environments provides an in-depth look at digital tools available on the internet and how they can be used to support 21st century learning in today’s instructional environments. Emphasis is placed on creating a student-centered, web-enhanced lesson/unit that provides diverse learners with opportunities for formal and/or informal instruction.

The course is designed to engage you in effective teaching, learning, and design activities that support meaningful understanding of classroom and/or workplace uses of Web 2.0 tools to enhance student-centered learning. Learning experiences focus on two major themes: 1) the examination and thoughtful discussion of key issues affecting the use of Web 2.0 tools in support of 21st century pedagogies, and 2) the design of a web-enhanced lesson that incorporates the principles of student-centered learning.

Course Topics
Throughout this course, weekly topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to Partnering with Web-Based Tools
  • Partnering Pedagogies and the Role of Technology
  • Differentiating Learning
  • Different Tools for Different Needs
  • Creating Authentic Lesson Activities
  • Technology in the Hands of Students

Course Goals
As a function of participating in this course, you will:

  • Create a personal vision of 21st century schools or workplaces and a personal definition of a 21st century learner.
  • Examine, in depth, a specific student-centered approach (e.g., project-based learning, problem-based learning, inquiry learning, authentic intellectual work, etc.) and discuss the similarities and differences among the different approaches.
  • Create a video tutorial that teaches others how to use a specific Web 2.0 tool.
  • Design a learner-centered lesson that incorporates relevant Web 2.0 tools for the purposes of broadening and/or deepening your understanding of specific curricular content.
  • Develop an implementation plan and create appropriate assessment measures to determine student learning in your own learner-centered lesson.

*Disclaimer: Course content and outcomes may vary and are subject to change without notice.

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