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Adrie Koehler

Adrie Koehler

Assistant Professor
Learning Design & Technology
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
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Adrie’s professional interests include the consideration of instructional strategies in teaching and learning processes. Specifically, she has explored these topics through investigating in what ways emerging technologies can be used for instructional purposes; how instructors develop a presence in online settings and the impact of this presence; and methods to best facilitate case-based instruction. Additionally, she is interested in discovering techniques for improving the transition of pre-service teachers into the education profession.


Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Program: Learning Design and Technology

Master of Science in Technology
Indiana University, Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology
Certificate in Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Bachelor of Science
Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN
Majors: Business Education; Information, Design, and End-user Computing; and Business Administration
Minor: Information Processing

Select Publications

Koehler, A. A., Newby, T. J., & Ertmer, P. A.  (2017).  Examining the role of Web 2.0 tools in supporting problem solving during case-based instruction.  Journal of Research on Technology in Education.  DOI: 10.1080/15391523.2017.1338167

Koehler, A. A., Newby, T. J., & Besser, E. D.  (2017).  In the eye of the beholder:  Using student narratives to consider memorable teachers.  Educational Review, 69(2), 158-180.

Koehler, A. A., & Ertmer, P.A. (2016).  Using Web 2.0 tools to facilitate case-based instruction:  Considering the possibilities.  Educational Technology, 56(1), 3-13.

Ertmer, P. A. & Koehler, A. A.  (2015). Facilitated vs. non-facilitated online case discussions: Comparing differences in problem space coverage. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 27(2), 69-93.

Richardson, J., Koehler, A. A., Besser, E. D., Caskurlu, S., Lim, J., & Mueller, C. (2015). Conceptualizing and investigating instructor presence in online learning environments. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 16(3), 256-297.


Instructional Design Consultant
High School Business Teacher

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