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In today’s world, where knowledge and technology are constantly evolving, training and development are key elements of organizational success. Smart companies invest in employee training and development to enhance job performance, improve productivity, and increase morale—all of which can positively impact an organization’s bottom line.

Purdue’s online MSEd in Learning Design and Technology program will teach you how to create effective, successful corporate training programs with proven and up-to-date teaching strategies and materials. The theory and tools you will learn in this program meet top organizations’ industry standards for corporate training.

With Purdue's MSEd in Learning Design and Technology, you will learn:

  • The latest technology and its applications in corporate training and development
  • How to use the principles of instructional design to develop effective and efficient training and support materials
  • To design, develop, and implement instructional materials that integrate learning technology and align with your desired learning outcomes
  • To apply and adapt what you learn to a broad range of training situations and workplace settings, including business and industry, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the military
  • To design and develop distance-learning programs using educational media and technology

The online MSEd in Learning Design and Technology is intended to prepare corporate trainers, instructional designers, e-learning managers, and others to use current tools, technologies, strategies, processes, and practices to develop their abilities to effectively use technology in the corporate training development context.

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